Kolot Mayim Survey


Religious Leadership and Future Directions:
Survey of Congregational Members, KOLOT MAYIM REFORM TEMPLE

Dear Members of Kolot Mayim

Most of you will be aware that Rabbi Louis had advised the Board of his desire to pursue other directions. The Board is fortunate that Rabbi Louis has been flexible in arranging his affairs, but we recognize that can’t go on indefinitely.

Determining succession is only part of the picture, however. There are a number of other issues impacting Kolot Mayim. These include poor attendance at services, few new members, few children and a too small group of very dedicated members who are trying their best to keep the congregation active.

The Board recognizes the need to address these issues. We need, therefore, to consult with our members. What is important to you, Kolot Mayim’s members? What should be the Congregation’s goals and priorities? And, what can our members realistically expect from Kolot Mayim in the future?

The Board concluded that a survey would be the best way to consult with the membership. The survey encompasses a wide variety of issues on which the Board wishes to hear from you.

At the bottom of this e-mail is a link to an online survey. Please open the link and respond to the survey. It is likely to take about 15 minutes to complete, but it is very important that you do so. The Board needs your input and your participation. Future directions planning and the future of Kolot Mayim will depend on your response.


Hal Yacowar
A/Chair, Rabbi Search Committee