The Blessing of So Many Days of Celebration

From Rosh Hashanah through Simchat Torah we have the blessing of so many days of celebration – a blessing that can feel never ending some days! We have days of great joy and anticipation – eating favourite foods, dancing, shaking the lulav – and we gather for more somber days, where, for example, on Yizkor we remember our loved ones with pain in our hearts to this day.

These days are punctuated with joyous Shabbat services. I sometimes can feel like I am running behind, never quite catching up, or assiduously working ahead because, you know, stuff happens. Please be in touch with me as you wish or need – we can visit on Zoom or go for a walk (if it isn’t teeming with rain). And please keep me in the loop if you know of anyone who needs a mishaberach for healing.

These past months and weeks have been times of tremendous joy as we have welcomed new members to Kolot Mayim, people who have chosen to formalize their affiliation with us by conversion. I stand in awe – even as I made a similar decision – I stand in awe of those who want to stand with us. Welcome, Mary Casselman, Lis Louwrier, Kari Leadbitter and Jessica Ramsay.

At the same time I want to recognize and honour those gerim toshavim, those individuals who stand with us, but for their own reasons have chosen to not convert. This coming October 24th on Shabbat Noach, I want to honour all our members who may not be Jewish, but stand every day with their Jewish family members and with us a community. Please join us for this special Shabbat service – and may our simchas never end!

Chag sameach,

Rabbi Lynn